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We asked leaders across the industry to tell us why addressability is important to the future of TV.
Here’s what they said…

On Addressability

The On Addressability playbook is designed as a resource for the industry, providing explanations of terminology, suggested best practices, and shared learnings for enabling addressable advertising TV campaigns. Its content should help other distributors, programmers, advertisers, and agencies by providing useful insight to any companies whose businesses touch addressable TV advertising in some way.

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  • First Multi-Distributor Addressable Campaign Launches

    Canoe and AMC have enabled the first-ever national addressable linear TV campaign across Comcast and Charter homes.

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  • Discovery Joins On Addressability Initiative

    To maximize impact for advertisers, Discovery is joining the On Addressability initiative and enhancing addressable capabilities among its 18 networks.

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  • AMC Networks Teams Up With On Addressability

    AMC Networks—in collaboration with Charter, Comcast, and Cox—announces it is enabling addressable inventory on its own linear TV and VOD platforms.

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